Argent's Innovative Financings

Argent has regularly devised and placed financings in which the structure, economic and operating profiles go beyond the established market.  In that context, Argent has, among other things, conceived, structured and implemented:

  • the largest single leveraged lease financing to date (U.S. $2.7 billion) for which principals of the firm received Distinguished Public Service awards from the Secretary of the Navy;

  • innovative debt and equity financing programs for more than 35 Jones Act vessels since 2001 (approximately 90% of the new self-propelled, U.S.-flag ocean going vessels under construction during that period), one of which received the Marine Money Leasing Deal of the Year award;

  • vessel financings incorporating the capital construction fund and Title XI debt U.S. maritime subsidy programs;

  • one of the first and the largest foreign sales corporation financings of a satellite;

  • the first leveraged lease financing of a revolving fleet of rental automobiles;

  • the first leveraged lease financing of fiber-optic cable transmission facilities running through multiple jurisdictions; and

  • the first financing of theme/amusement parks on a facility lease basis.