The Argent Group Team

Martin E. Gottlieb – Managing Director, President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Gottlieb has served as Argentís President and Chief Executive Officer since its formation in 1982.  He has over 30 years of commercial and investment banking experience and has been responsible for developing, structuring and managing secured and unsecured debt financings and equity offerings for a wide variety of clients throughout his career.

At Argent, Mr. Gottlieb is responsible for the overall management and direction of the firm.  He is actively involved in the identification of new clients and the placement and implementation of many of Argentís transactions.  Mr. Gottlieb is responsible for maintaining key client relationships.

Prior to forming Argent, Mr. Gottlieb was Vice President and Head of the Leveraged Leasing Group of Bank of America for which he had profit center responsibility.  In that capacity, he was responsible for transaction origination, placement and implementation.  Mr. Gottlieb started his career at The First National Bank of Chicago.  He held various corporate finance positions during his tenure there.

Mr. Gottlieb graduated Magna Cum Laude from Long Island University and holds an MBA degree from the University of Chicago.

Nancy J. Mattson – Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Mattson is a founder of Argent Group.  She has over 25 years of commercial and investment banking experience.  Her experience includes the origination, analysis, placement and implementation of a wide variety of asset-based transactions.

At Argent, Ms. Mattson is responsible for new business development, transaction syndication and designing the analytical approach to Argentís assignments.  In addition to her transaction management responsibilities, Ms. Mattson maintains key client relationships and serves as Argentís Chief Financial Officer.

Prior to forming Argent, Ms. Mattson was a Vice President and Section Head in the Leveraged Leasing Group of Bank of America.  In that capacity, she was responsible for the syndication of leveraged lease projects and the development of new leasing products.  Prior to her appointment as Section Head, Ms. Mattson structured, negotiated and supervised the documentation of leveraged lease transactions in which Bank of America acted as an investor.

Ms. Mattson graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Olin School of Business at Washington University with an MBA in Finance and Magna Cum Laude from Lawrence University.  She is a recipient of the Distinguished Alumni award from Washington University where she sits on the National Council.

Cynthia J. Koehn – Corporate Finance Associate

Ms. Koehn joined Argent in 1985.  She is responsible for the financial analysis of many of Argentís projects.  Prior to joining Argent, Ms. Koehn held various positions at Bank of America and Wang Laboratories.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Carroll College.